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I'm out of a job, what do I do?

I was out of a job. This is probably one of the most awkward situations in a worker's life. Many thoughts come to mind and haunt feelings, ranging from the.. "I don't care, something better will come out" or those who face it negatively, with phrases like… "I'm a loser." No matter how handled by […]

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How to make a resume?

What data should I put in a resume?: What can I avoid when I submit a resume:: It's important to check who's running your resume. Remember that your data is exclusively personal and has no relevance in the general public. Social media is important, but neither Facebook, Twitter, nor Instagram are used to post life […]

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Job Interview: How to Make a Good Impression.

Introducing a job interview is probably one of the situations in working life, which produce more uncertainty and stress. For some more than others and depends on the current conditions in which the applicant is located. It is not the same, to run for a job interview, having a stable job, than when you are […]

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