I'm out of a job, what do I do?

I was out of a job. This is probably one of the most awkward situations in a worker's life.

Many thoughts come to mind and haunt feelings, ranging from the.. "I don't care, something better will come out" or those who face it negatively, with phrases like… "I'm a loser." No matter how handled by the Companies, there will always be some sense of unease.

Some Companies decide to notify their employee(s) that they will dispense with their services, giving prudent time to look for other options outside of it.
The reasons, many: at the end of the contract, by completion of work or contracted work, by closing operations, by change of organizational structure, by performance, or by others. This could be an "ideal" situation, as the worker may have the time to process the idea and make decisions calmly.

However, there are situations in which the notice is given from one moment to the next and all that is expected is to be told … Why…. Probably very much inside you already know the reasons, but it can also happen that you believe that your performance is good, your relationship with the bosses unbeatable and the relationship with your team is ideal, but they still inform you that so far you work with the Company.

Let's see where to start. Below are a series of recommendations to help you start another stage in your work life:

  • At the time of dismissal, kindly request an explanation, if you have not been informed. This will serve as feedback, in which you can know the negative aspects of your work, so that at an next opportunity you can improve it and be a gain in your life. Surely there will also be some positive things that can potentialize them.
  • Organize your job and deliver what was in your charge and pending processes or documents, according to the Company's time to do so. But always, do it right. You have no idea how small the world is and a bad way out could be detrimental to you and the ability to find another job.
  • Don't justify yourself, remember that in the end, they have a perception of your work and it's important to recognize and identify what they think of you as a worker.
  • Estimate the total value of your social benefit settlement.
  • Consider and make an overall assessment of your financial situation. Value payments, expenses, and debts or credits.
  • Set a new expense budget and evaluate those that are not needed and immediate. Do not leave them in the trash can, surely you will be able to consider them later, once you have the defined employment situation again.
  • Update your resume and before sending it to all your acquaintances, revalidate your work future. What you like, what you consider skilled and capable, coupled with your academic knowledge and work experience, will make you get a more consistent position in which you feel at ease and adapt more easily.
  • Sending life sheets for sending them will waste your time and that of others. So make a list of your contacts, who really think they can help you locate. Look for those Consultants or companies specialized in Human Resources that may have several vacancy options available, press releases, approach your Educational Institution and evaluate offers. Social media, which don't have specialized contacts, isn't necessarily the best option.
  • When you update the resume, describe the data you create, you should know more generally, descriptively, but not thoroughly, or in detail. Remember that companies get a lot of resumes, and between them they are clearer, they are easier to consider. Lifesheets of more than three leaves will make it too heavy and we believe it will not have the desired effect.
  • Place a phone or personal email address, which can be easily found, this will help locate you more quickly and you won't miss a new opportunity.
  • Prepare to submit a job interview.

Finally, don't despair, take things easy. All are opportunities in life, from which we will learn, the good to maintain it and the least good to improve it.

I acted with positive thoughts and attitudes, which will help to see things with a better angle and perspective. There will always be something better for one, if one allows it.

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